David Suzuki's Blue Dot Tour  

We are pleased to be part of David Suzuki's Blue Dot Tour, playing The Corona Theater Oct 15th along side our hometown friends Half Moon Run, Pat Watson, Ariane Moffatt, Yann Perreau, Alexendre Desilets as well as Metric. Each person in every province deserves the right to fresh water, healthy food and a clean environment. It's time for our respective governments to recognize these essential needs that contribute to a long and healthy life for all Canadians. Please get involved… Read more

New Music Video for '' Old Piano ''  

Just back from a 10 day tour in Western Canada, we are proud to share our new music video with you all. We spent the last sweltering evening of the summer hanging out with friends and filming a music video to our song "Old Piano". Special thanks to everyone who came out and Julien Demers Arsenault and the team from Romeo & Fils in Montreal. 

A new partnership with Boucher Guitars! 

On our way back from a tour in Gaspesie end of July, we stopped by the Boucher Guitar shop & factory outside Quebec City to pick up a unique killer ''Revelation'' guitar. For as long as Boucher Guitars has been in business, their guitar makers have been reserving a few exceptional components for a special purpose: producing one-of-a-kind instruments. Boucher Guitars began crafting these truly exceptional instruments that are works of art, built from special materials in their treasure chest. Thanks our… Read more

On tour In Europe!! 

We are really stoked to be travelling to the other side of the atlantic to share our music live with fans and showcase it to the industry in France, The Netherlands and the UK. Check the e-flyer with dates and cities to join us. 


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Feature Video '' Old Piano''

Featured Video '' Unsatisfied''

Feature Video ''This Is How I Let You Down''



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